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DMRN Researcher Training Resources

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Researcher / Study Coordinator Reference Materials

R1: New Project Submission (video, pdf):

The instructional video (8 min.) walks researchers and study coordinators through the five steps of submitting a new project. (Click the blue link to watch the video, requires Adobe Flash Player.)

The companion Training Energizer instructions may be downloaded here.

R2: Post-Submission Advanced Topics (video, pdf):

The instructional video (7 min.) demonstrates the IRBNet messaging structure, how to successfully update project documents and submit a subsequent (ex. Modifications Required) package to a committee and other advanced topics.

The companion Training Energizer instructions may be downloaded here.

You may be asked to submit a revised project package with updated information (ex. continuing review, modifications required for approval, study team changes, etc.). Read these IRBNet Notes to learn how to properly revise your DMRN Cover Sheet Document Wizard or other previously submitted documents. Click here.

Simple Steps ...

R1: New Project Submission

Design Your Project

Share Your Project

Electronically Sign Your Project

Submit Your Project

Monitor Committee Progress

Receive Automated Expiration Alerts

R2: Post-Submission Advanced Topics

Update and Revise Project Documents for Resubmission

Submit Subsequent Packages to Your Committee

Manage Continuing Reviews

Manage My Reminders

Review Messages & Alerts

Other Advanced Concepts